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6 unique hotels in Vietnam you must check-in at least once (part 1)

If you are too familiar with the traditional hotels or resorts, then these 6 unique hotels that I’ll introduce below will definitely bring you from this surprise to another surprise. Coming to these unique hotels won’t only save you money but also make your travel Vietnam funnier and more enjoyable than ever.

1. Pupa hotel in Saigon

This hotel’s name is Hongkong Kaiteki hotel, located in the heart of Bui Vien Street, has attracted many young people who always love to experience new things.

As its name, the hotel’s room looks like a cocoon of 2m² (2m long, 1m wide) and 1.2m high, just enough for an adult. The Kaiteki Hotel on Bui Vien Street has a relatively small area of ​​about 60m², six storeys (of which the ground floor has been used as the reception hall) but can accommodate up to 100 guests with 60 bedrooms.

6-unique-hotels-in-Vietnam-you-must-check-in-at-least-once-(part 1)1

Pupa hotel in Saigon

This type of hotel is extremely suitable for “backpackers”, who need a comfortable full bed from TV, Wi-Fi, air conditioning to the headphone to watch TV, listen to music without spending a lot of money. It is known that all the pupa bedrooms here are imported from abroad. In addition to the pupa room, guests will also be provided with a luggage locker that is equipped with an encryption key and is large enough to accommodate large suitcases.

6-unique-hotels-in-Vietnam-you-must-check-in-at-least-once-(part 1)2

A room in Pupa hotel

The price for a standard pupa room at Kaiteki Hotel is only $6 per night (about 130,000VND), while the VIP room is only $7 per night (about 150.000VND) with similar facilities but more beautiful location.

Address: No. 2 Bui Vien, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

2. Tent hotel in Lagi

Only with a wide beach, a small white beachfront villa, a Hawaiian-style round bar, a large library, those are what Coco Beachcamp will offer you when staying here.

Unlike other hotels or resorts, when choosing Coco Beachcamp, you won’t be surrounded by the big buildings or walls, instead, in this special hotel, there are plenty of colorful tents set up throughout the area, stretching from the beach to the garden. And this will be where you and all other guests will sleep or rest during your “1-0-2” beach tour.

6-unique-hotels-in-Vietnam-you-must-check-in-at-least-once-(part 1)3

Tent hotel in Lagi beach

The tents here are very diverse, they are mostly selected and imported from abroad with tents from small to large, suitable from one person to the whole family can sleep together. It will help you forget about the noise and haste of the city, make you feel peaceful, like be in an harmony with nature, with sun, wind and sea.

There are also many outdoor activities such as windsurfing, canoeing, diving, fishing, gardening, morning yoga, beach volleyball, mini football,… that you and your family can participate when staying here.

6-unique-hotels-in-Vietnam-you-must-check-in-at-least-once-(part 1)4

Your family can enjoy many activities together in this hotel

It only takes 150,000 – 200,000VND to rent a tent so you can sleep through the night. You can also enjoy your favorite foods without having to pay fees like other beaches. And only 50,000VND/ person if you want to visit and take pictures in Coco Beachcamp.

Address: Le Minh Cong, Tan Phuoc, Lagi Town, Binh Thuan

3. Tubular hotel in Da Lat

The name of this hotel in Da Lat is The Circle Vietnam. When coming here, you will be able to enjoy an escape from the cramped, crowded in the bunk beds room, a really open space for people who love to travel and enjoy the fresh air, beautiful natural scenery of Da Lat.

6-unique-hotels-in-Vietnam-you-must-check-in-at-least-once-(part 1)5

Tubular hotel in Da Lat

The first purpose of The Circle Vietnam is to connect the community of travel enthusiasts, who share the same passion. Secondly, this would be a place for activities such as campfire, singing or simply sitting with quiet friends watching the fog drift in the valley.

Because of that, the price of The Circle Vietnam is also very suitable for young people who don’t want to spend so much money for a trip. Just about 330,000 VND/ night/ room for 3 people is an impressive price for a unique place like The Circle Vietnam.

Address: 233 Dang Thai Than St., Ward 3, Da Lat, Lam Dong

And those are 3 out of 6 hotels in the list, to find out the other 3 unique hotels in Vietnam, follow me to the NEXT part of this article, ok!

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