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6 real paradises nestled of Vietnamese tourism (part 2)

Let’s continue the list of gorgeous but less-known destinations in Vietnam that we paused with 3 first names in the PREVIOUS part of this article!

4. Y Ty

Y Ty is located at the height of over 2,000m, its back leaning on Nhu Bo San mountain with a peak of 2.826m, covered by cloud almost all year round. You can hardly see the sun shining for 12 hours. The path to Y Ty is winding with many zigzag sections and then drown in the leaves of the forest with the houses looming in the clouds. Perhaps so, when coming to Y Ty, many people feel like they are entering another world, separated from our busy, noisy world.

6-real-paradises-nestled-of-Vietnamese-tourism-(part 2)1

The beautiful scenery of Y Ty

In Winter, this place attracts tourists by the white clouds covering the mountains, creating the scene as fanciful as the realm. In the Summer, the rain brings water to the fields.

On the journey to discover Y Ty, you will meet the home of Ha Nhi people lying on the terraced rice fields. These houses made of clay, cool in Summer and warm in Winter. This is also a feature of Y Ty. In addition to Ha Nhi people, Y Ty is also inhabited by ethnic groups like Mong, Dao, Giay,… Each ethnic group has its own activities, creating a special cultural picture for highland communes of Bat Xat district. Some attractions for travelers on this journey are Phan Dai Su, Hong Chua, Lao Chai, Sim San,…

5. Binh Dinh

Binh Dinh has 134km coastline with many beautiful beaches. Binh Dinh possesses not only the attractive Hoang Hau beach but also Xep beach, Tan Thanh, Vinh Hoi,… Along the coast, this province also owns about 32 large islets, many of which are still wild, beautiful as Cu Lao Xanh, Hon Dat, Hon Kho, Hon Tranh, Hon Rua,… Particularly, we must mention about Eo Gio, Lo Dieu rocky cliffs, Ky Co beach with magnificent scenery and crystal blue sea water throughout the year.

6-real-paradises-nestled-of-Vietnamese-tourism-(part 2)2

The pristine beauty of Eo Gio in Binh Dinh

Beside the rich natural beauty of the sea, Binh Dinh is also home to many cultural and historical values. This land has seven clusters of intact towers and 52 ancient temples,  the unique architecture, and art of Champa.

6-real-paradises-nestled-of-Vietnamese-tourism-(part 2)3

A tasty seafood dish of Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon is considered to be one of the places that have the freshest seafood in Binh Dinh. To enjoy seafood, visit one of the popular restaurants on the Xuan Dieu Street, where you can find a lot of seafood dishes to the vermicelli at an affordable price.

6. Phu Yen

As a coastal province in the South Central Coast, Phu Yen has three sides bordering the mountains and a diversified system of rivers, lagoons, island,… This destination still owns many beautiful, pristine and mysterious landscapes. The unique site here is Ganh Da Dia, an interesting creation of nature, which is created only in three places in the world are Korea, Australia, and Vietnam; in which the one in Phu Yen is the largest and most beautiful.

6-real-paradises-nestled-of-Vietnamese-tourism-(part 2)4

Ganh Da Dia and its unique landscape

In addition, Phu Yen also has a wide range of tourist resources, with many historical, cultural sites and landmarks such as Xuan Dai Bay, O Loan lagoon, Cu Mong lagoon, Mon – Mui Dien beach, Da Bia Mountain, Uncle Ho Church, An Tho Town – the birthplace of General Secretary Tran Phu, relics Tau Luong – Vung Ro, Luong Van Chanh Tomb and Temple, Nhan Tower, Nui Thom Ecotourist Area.

6-real-paradises-nestled-of-Vietnamese-tourism-(part 2)5

A specialty of Phu Yen

Come to Phu Yen, besides admiring the system full of many beautiful natural landscapes which are quite diverse with many scenic and beautiful bay, you also have the opportunity to enjoy the famous specialties here, such as oyster soup, steamed rice paper or mustard soup,…


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