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5 delicious Southeast Asian dishes can’t be ignored

Southeast Asian people are always proud of their famous dishes, their fine cuisine which has made a magical attraction for any visitors when coming here

And below is a list of extremely incredible foods of Southeast Asia that will make you very excited once tasting.

1. Nasi Goreng Fried Rice (Indonesia)

Nasi Goreng fried rice is a traditional dish of Indonesian people. This dish is very tasty and quite cheap, that’s why it is served not only to tourists but also to locals across 19,000 islands of Indonesia.

The Nasi Goreng fried rice is orange in color with the spicy flavor of chili and the aroma of ginger,… all together make it a unique and attractive dish that can never be ignored.


Nasi Goreng fried rice of Indonesia

Rice will be cooked and cooled off before being fried. When frying, the spices including ginger, garlic, chives, and coriander will be added in. And finally, they will decorate this with a fried egg and chopped shrimp.

This dish is sold and served not only in the popular restaurants but also in the most luxurious restaurants of Indonesia. Even Barack Obama President has been enjoying this crispy fried rice at a restaurant during his visit to Indonesia in 2010.

So if you have the opportunity to visit Indonesia, do not miss this delicious fried rice.

2. Stir-Fried Thai Pho

Thai Pad Thai (or Pad Thai) is a favorite dish of tourists all over the world when coming to Thailand. Perhaps this is also the most famous dish of Southeast Asia.


Stir-fried Thai Pho

Pho will be stir-fried with eggs, meat, shrimp, and spices to create a dish full of flavors and colors. You can also eat with bean sprouts or tofu (for vegetarians). In addition, the combination of lime juice, tamarind juice, and chili powder will give you a delicious food with full of tastes, from sour, spicy, salty, to sweet.

3. Vietnamese Pho

Pho is known as a famous traditional food and also a pride of every Vietnamese. Behind each bowl of pho is the really complicated spices, the attractive secrets of each famous Pho brand. It can be said that Pho is not only an attractive dishes of Vietnamese people but also loved by many foreign tourists when coming to Vietnam and having the chance trying Vietnamese Pho once.

You can enjoy this kind of Vietnamese noodles at any time, anywhere, from the luxury restaurants to every street and even on the pavements.


A hot bowl of Pho in the morning is always a great choice for anyone, in any age

The combination of water from meat and bones, along with spices such as onion, a special kind of aromatic herbs, basil, lemon, chili,… has contributed to the delicious, nutritious and unique flavor of Pho.

Thanks to its unique flavor, Vietnamese Pho has been recognized and marked its position in the Oxford dictionary, one of greatest dictionaries in the world.

4. Laksa

Laksa, also known as laksa curry, is well-known in two countries: Malaysia and Singapore.

With special recipes, Laksa is a combination of ingredients such as noodles, fish balls, shrimp, shellfish, chopped peas and coconut milk. This dish is usually served with fish balls, but if you add a few leaves of chopped herbs and a spoonful of chili, it’ll be like a flavor explosion in your mouth, a wonderful harmony that you can never forget.


Laksa, a traditional dish of Malaysia and Singapore

Especially, Laksa is not only a traditional dish that often appears in meals of families in Malaysia and Singapore, but also an indispensable dish in the menu of the restaurants in Singapore, even the luxury one.

5. Durian (Malaysia)

Although durian has a pungent odor, which is very annoying to someone who tries it for the first time, once you get used to it, you’ll addict its smell and flavor. Therefore, it is a favorite fruit of many people because of its fresh, delicious and delicate taste.


Durian of Penang, Malaysia

Durian is a fruit that is found throughout the countries of Southeast Asia. However, Penang (Malaysia) is famous for its delicious durian. So, if you have the opportunity to come to Malaysia, enjoy the durian here.

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