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5 beautiful zipline locations in Vietnam for the adventure enthusiasts

Zipline is a very interesting new game, new experience for tourists when making a Vietnam holiday tour. This type of adventurous game is now available in Vietnam and is worth a try.

Zipline is a trawl rope derived from a common mode of transport in high mountainous areas. The zipline consists of a long cable, a connector from a mountain top, or a mountain trunk to create a relative gap, the end can be either the lake or land. Players must wear protective gear and hang themselves on the cable and then slide from the top to the end. This game is boldly entertaining and quite risky, but when playing, players can also explore nature like a flying bird. The price for a zipline trip in Vietnam is often from 100,000VND to 300,000VND, depending on the location, the terrain and the length of the system.

Here are some destinations for a zipline trip in Vietnam.

1. Quang Binh – Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park

The zipline in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park is a relatively new service of this central region. The zipline starts from the West of Ho Chi Minh road and then to the Dark Cave on the other side of Chay River with the length of 400m. With this form of modern rope swing, visitors will have the opportunity to see the mountain, the river with a variety of different colors. Instead of boat trips along the river, the zipline will also help visitors to watch the river.


Zipline in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park

The Zipline service consists of 2 forms: River Zipline and exploration Zipline, the zipline service here will give you a chance to explore Dark Cave with specialized equipment. Many young people choose to swing out of the river and drop themselves into a cool water current, or play a game of boats or kayak.

2. Da Nang – Hoa Phu Thanh Resort

The zipline service is still quite new in Da Nang. But in Hoa Phu Thanh Resort, a zipline system with highly safe 2 slings for tourists has been put into use. Due to the big gap, the average speed of this zipline is about 30m/s, however due to the short distance, the zipline here is relatively fast.


Zipline in Hoa Phu Thanh resort

3. Hue – Alba Thanh Tan Hot Spring

Zipline in Hue is said to be the longest one in Asia, with a height of 45.5 meters and a length of 560 meters. Located in the area of Alba Thanh Tan hot mineral springs, the zipline system here starts from Ma Yen Mountain in Phong Son Commune, taking a journey on this zipline will bring visitors through the green forests and lowered down to the romantic lake of mineral springs.


Zipline in Alba Thanh Tan hot spring

4. Vung Tau – Ho May Tourist Area

According to foreign experts, playing the zipline slip at the Ho May Resort, belonging to the Big Mountain – Small Mountain tourist group is considered to be the most adventurous activity here. The slope is more than 200 meters long and 500 meters above sea level. Visitors will have the opportunity to be waded through the ravine, swing the rope on the blue sea and enjoy the cool breeze.


Zipline in Ho May tourist area

5. Lam Dong – Madagui National Park

Coming to Lam Dong, you can test the zipline located in the Madagui Forest, in the town of Madagui, Da Huoai District, about 30km from the center of Bao Loc. With wildlife and pristine natural beauty, the zipline experience here brings visitors across many rivers, lakes and trees at 40m altitude.


Zipline in Madagui national park

With a length of 1,111m, this zipline will satisfy many adventurous hearts with intense emotions and happiness when overcoming fear of oneself.

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