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5 beautiful places make you wonder why you still do not travel the Philippines

The tourism of Philippines has attracted many tourists from all around the world, and each year the amount of tourists coming to this country is getting bigger and bigger.

Have you ever wondered which elements, which tourist attractions that make this place become more and more attractive to tourists?

If yes, then let’s follow me to find out the 5 attractive tourist destinations of Philippines’ tourism!

1. Puerto Princesa River

The Puerto Princesa River lies on the northern coast of Palawan Islands, Philippines. The 8km underground river system has made Puerto Princesa one of the most beautiful tourist destinations of Philippines.

Puerto Princesa with many hotels, luxury resorts is also an ideal paradise for the adventurers to visit, because the journey to go there will definitely include sitting on a boat to go into the cave.


Puerto Princesa River has a very beautiful scenery

The Palawan’s people are proud that the Puerto Princesa Submarine is a magical gift given to Philippines and to mankind. Puerto Princesa is also one of the few destinations in the world that the public can admire. Going around the Puerto Princesa underground river, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the arches, columns, cliffs, stalactites and stalagmites,…

2. Old Vigan city

Vigan is a town of a Philippines’ province, Ilocos Sur. The town of Vigan is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, because it is the Spanish colonial city in Asia.


The ancient old Vigan city

Vigan is one of the most attractive destinations for tourists to choose when coming to Philippines because it has not only a lot of beautiful architecture, but also is an ideal spot to make a vacation. Small ancient streets, tiled roofs with unique Baroque architecture and indigenous life of locals,… all mix together and form a distinct cultural identity that can only be found at Vigan.

3. Maria Cristina Falls

Situated in Lanao del Sur  province, Maria Cristina waterfall is the second highest waterfall in Philippines and sometimes also known as the Twin falls. This place is famous for tourists because of its majestic natural beauty.


Maria Cristina falls looks like a pearl in the jungles

You will feel much more relaxed when visiting this waterfall. One more thing that some people do not know is that 70% of the surrounding area’s electricity system is made up of the water currents of the Maria Cristina Falls.

4. Pinatubo Lake

In 1991, the peaceful volcano Pinatubo woke up after hundreds of years of sleep. As the volcano gradually cooled down, Pinatubo lake was formed.


The peaceful Pinatubo lake

The lake located in Pinatubo Crater is located in Zambales Province, northwestern Philippines. Currently, this place is a very popular tourist destination in the island nation. It has become the number one choice for young people who love to explore, or just want to “escape” from the crowded and stuffy Manila capital at weekend.

5. Palawan

Dubbed “the end of the world”, by the moment you arrive here, you will feel like forgetting all the troubles, separate from the city tall buildings and drop yourself back to nature.


Palawan has a very unique attraction

The splendid limestone cliffs scattered over the island make Palawan very private and peaceful. In the sea of ​​green mountains and forests, you will be able to visit the fishing villages where local people are friendly to tourists and always ready to give to tourists the opportunity to get to know about their culture.

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