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5 beautiful islets in Vietnam can make you forget ways back home this summer

Let check out 5 beautiful islets in Vietnam which can make you forget ways back home this summer:

1. Cu Lao Cham, Hoi An

From Cua Dai port, Hoi An is only about 20 minutes by canoe, Cu Lao Cham is a small island with pristine beauty, attracting tourists by its eco-tours and unique life of the fishermen. On Cu Lao Cham, there’s​ no hotels or resorts but homestay is always available. Most of people on the island are very friendly, they let guests stay, sleep and even cook in their house. The price is about 50,000 VND / person / night.


Perfect scenery of Cu Lao Cham

You should catch the boat from the island at 7-8 am, go shopping, buy fresh seafood. In the afternoon, rent a bike to visit the island, visit some ancient places like Bai Ong, Bai Lang, pagoda Tan Tang then go diving to see the coral in the beach. The cost for a day on Cham Island is about 500,000 VND. Note on the island do not use nylon bags to protect the environment.

2. Cu Lao Xanh, Binh Dinh

Cu Lao Xanh (also known as Van Phi island) is located in Nhon Chau commune, near Xuan Dai bay, 24 km from Quy Nhon. The island is like a jewel in the middle of the sea with beautiful scenery from the endless space of trees covered to the sky and sea.


The romantic landscape of Cu Lao Xanh

Departure to Cu Lao Xanh from Ham Tu pier, you have two choices: high speed train tickets for 200,000 VND a ticket, travel time about 50 minutes; Or by wooden ships, more than 2 hours for about 25,000 dong a ticket. Beach on the island is quite pristine, clear water, sandy beaches and natural rock formations with many shapes. Accommodation services on the island have not yet developed, with only boarding houses, you can ask local people about homestay services and order meals, join the lives of fishermen. In particular, around 3am, islanders often light on the boat to catch the squids, you should try this experience.

3. Cu Lao Cau, Binh Thuan province

Cu Lao Cau or Hon Cau of Tuy Phong district, about 10 km from the mainland, is one of the hottest destinations this summer because June sea smoothly, calm waves, boats are convenient.


The attractive sand of Cu Lao Cau

Cu Lao Cau is a small island, so you can explore within a day, visit the Love cave, Sung Sang bay, Ta Tien beach, Yen cave, Ba Hon cave, coral reef, Nam Hai temple. You should prepare food in advance, especially with plenty of water, as there is only one fresh water well on the island. Most fresh water is transported from the mainland. Since there are no people here, no electricity and no water, people usually just have fun during the day. If you want to stay overnight on the island, you must apply for permission from the border guard.

4. Mai Nha Islet, Phu Yen

More than 4 km from O Loan lagoon, this islet is like Robinson Island in An Hai commune, Tuy An district. The ideal time to visit the islet is from March to August every year, due to the calm weather.


Mai Nha Islet

You come from the fishing port of An Ninh Dong or Tien Tien port, take the boat of local fishermen, each vessel carrying a maximum of 50 guests. The island has not developed much on tourism, you should bring tents to plug on the beach, totally live with wild nature. Snails, herring or snails are the seafood you can hand-catch and grill. With tents, clean water cost you only 300,000-400,000 for a day on the island, eat a lot of delicious seafood.

5. Re Islet or Ly Son Island, Quang Ngai

Re Island is another name for Big Island – Ly Son Island. This is a place where fairy white sandy beach, surrounded by magnificent cliffs. Bathing in the sea, watching coral reefs or wandering around the island to take pictures is an experience can’t be missed.


Ly Son Island with pristine scenery

You fly to Danang, Chu Lai or the train, bus to Quang Ngai, then to Sa Ky port, where high-speed boat to the island. On the island there are many homestay and nice accommodation for you to choose from, from VND100,000 to VND300,000 per night. You should rent a motorbike to explore the island.

  • Suggested hometown: Memorial (monument) – King well – Hang pagoda – large lighthouse – An Hai communal house – to the hotel for lunch. In the afternoon: Dam reservoir (Thoi Loi mountain) – An Cave village – An Vinh hamlet, Am Linh Tu, Duc pagoda – To Vo porch (sunset into the sea at Duc pagoda) – Tomb tower – Dinner hotel Or go to night market to enjoy fresh seafood.

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