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4 streetfoods will make you love the rainy season in Saigon

Saigon, city of sudden rains, annoying rains, long​ rains, heavy rains, no-warning rains,… long time ago, rains have become a specialty of Saigon, a specialty that no one can ever avoid once being here.4-streetfoods-will-make-you-love-the-rainy-season-in-Saigon1

Saigon is like wearing different gorgeous clothes in the rain

Along with that, Saigonese also created a lot of dishes that make the Saigon’s rains no more boring rains but flavorful rains with a great variety of streetfoods below.

1. Grilled corn with fresh onion sauce

Long time ago, grilled corn, a simple dish, has become a familiar name that any foodies of Saigon know. Especially, on the rainy days of Saigon, when there’s cold breezes, sitting around the corn seller, warming hands with the heat from the embers below the corns, listening to the funny sounds of the little fire, enjoying the smell of grilled corn poured a little of fresh onion sauce on,…


Stunning grilled corn with fresh onion sauce

Everything will be a wonderful light meal to wait for the rain stops and then come home. However​, don’t be hurry with this dish! Just be patient and you can enjoy the nice taste of grilled corn.

Biting a piece of corn like that, you will feel the sweetness of corn, the fat of fresh onion sauce, the crunchy scraps that sometimes you can meet,… making it unforgettable.

2. Pha Lau

A unique​ specialty of Saigon that tourists won’t be able to forget once trying, that’s Pha Lau. Sounds very strange, right! But don’t be so, because you’re gonna go from surprise to bigger surprise when getting to know its ingredients. It is made from cow’s/pig’s internal organs. Pha Lau should be eaten when it’s still hot.


A Pha Lau stall in Saigon

In order to make the Pha Lau, it takes​ a lot of time to prepare the ingredients and also to cook it perfectly. Besides the internal organs, there’s also one important ingredient that creates​ the unique taste for​ this dish, coconut milk.

When there are visitors, the sellers will cut into piece the big slice of Pha Lau. The tasty, crunchy pieces of internal organs, warm water, spicy chilly, creasy sauce cooked from coconut milk, everything makes the dish becomes attractive hard to deny. This dish can be eaten with bread or noodles are delicious.

3. Snail dishes

Being one of the provinces of Mekong Delta, Saigon is a place that you can easily find a snail stall, call some delicious snail dishes and enjoy it while watching the raindrops falling outside​.


Snail dishes are the most favorite foods of Saigonese

From snails, oysters to different crabs, seafoods, with the creations and skillful combinations and seasoning of the sellers, you can feel like being lost in a paradise of seafoods right inside Ho Chi Minh City.

4. Squid porridge

An extremely attractive dish for rainy day in Saigon must be mentioned here is the squid porridge. This is considered a popular dish, often cooked with squid cut into small pieces. When eating, remember to add more ginger, chilly and pepper, this will help to magnify the taste of the porridge and also warm our stomachs during cold rainy days.


A hot bowl of squid porridge is always a perfect choice for rainy days

There’s no better time to have a bowl of squid porridge than in rainy days here​. Hot porridge, sweet scent, great taste, a little bit spicy will be the ideal choice for afternoon snacks. In addition, a bowl of porridge is very cheap, only 15 to 20 thousand.

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