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4 popular delicious dishes of Hung Yen

If cities like Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi city seem too crowded and noisy for you, then why don’t you make an escape to a less crowded place to enjoy the peace of the morning biking around the dirt roads, watching the lush green fields, stopping by a food stall and trying some simple but very delicious local dishes whenever hungry.


Peaceful life in Hung Yen

So, are you curious about what delicious dishes that you can try here are? If yes, then here are some dishes that once coming to Hung Yen, you won’t be able to ignore.

1. Thang noodle with eel

With people who are living in Hung Yen or have origin of Hung Yen, this dish with its special taste is definitely a very own flavor of Hung Yen countryside, a dish​ full of memory. Hung Yen eel noodles can even win picky eaters’ heart, suitable for all objects and is a bright gift of many people.


Thang noodle with eel

2. Day cake of Gau village

Speaking of specialty Hung Yen, people will immediately think of the Day cake in Gau village. Cake is made from glutinous rice, which is washed, soaked in water a while and cooked. The stuffing of the cake is no-skin green beans, which are washed, cooked, mashed, grasped into small handful.


Day cake of Gau village

If you make the meat stuffing, the ingredients will have a little change, you will use lean meats instead of mashed green beans with sugar.

3. Ban sauce

Since ancient times, Ban sauce is a good product for the king. Today, this sauce is well-known everywhere and becomes a special sauce that makes many people fascinated.

The sauce is a delicious, indispensable food when it’s​ eaten along with Duc cake, Te cake, boiled spinach, salted aubergine, boiled meat,… It is also used to prepare a variety of dishes like braised fish for cold winter days.


Ban sauce, an addictive dishes of Hung Yen

Therefore, anyone who has come to Hung Yen and visit Ban Yen Nhan district will not be able to forget to stop by the stores that sell Ban sauce – a famous specialty throughout the North to buy some liters home.

4. Sardines

In some certain time of years, Hung Yen people who live far away or customers in neighboring provinces and cities will look forward to coming to Hung Yen to enjoy this attractive dish.


Stunning fried sardines

Sardines can make many dishes such as fried, grilled,… depending on the preferences of each person, but the most popular is still crispy fried sardines. Fried fish seems to be simple but is elaborately processed by the Hung Yen people. After marinating fish, use fresh bamboo rods to hold and grill fish on the charcoal stove.

Grilled fish after​ that will be removed from the sticks and then fried, served hot with a plate of herbs and lemon chili sauce (can also dip the chilly sauce), add a little minced garlic, minced ginger will further enhance the aroma of delicious fish.


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