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4 experiences should not miss in U Minh

In addition to sightseeing the beautiful sceneries, coming to Ca Mau, tourists can also enjoy the typical special dishes (that I mentioned in my Previous article), and maybe even discovering the mysterious U Minh forest.

U Minh forest is still deserted, but if you know how to explore, this place will leave you with a lot of interesting experiences.

1. Following the keeper of the beehive into the forest for honey

Coming to U Minh you can follow the steward of the bee keeper into the forest for honey. The season of the bee groom lasts only a few months, from November to the end of May, as late in the dry season the honeybee is abundant and honey is at its best.

Normally, this kind of experience usually begins in the early morning until noon. The tool is very simple, just a big bucket for bile, a bunch of smoked ham, a net protecting the face and head.


This experience is definitely not for the chicken-heart ones

Follow the bees keeper to go in the jungle forest, you will see beehives hiding among the reeds and creepers, which look like giant cakes. After being​ smoked, the bees immediately soared, revealing the honeycomb. The bee keeper quickly cut the pawns into a bucket and quickly “pulled” to avoid bees.

Out to the edge of the forest, you can sit and sip a piece of white bee milk dotted with fresh honey, shining like orange jam. The fatty sweetness of the tongue will be a pleasant experience for you.

2. Catching the fish by net

In U Minh, you will enjoy the fun of fishing by net. You can row the boat through the canal, through the cajuput forest, learn from the indigenous people to drop nets, eel catching,… U Minh Ha has a big amount of shrimp and fish, sitting on the boat to see the fish swim under channels of lobster is something that is really worth trying for you.


This is a great experience that you can ever try

Enjoy the delicious dishes such as grilled snakehead fish, beef salad, braised fish, chicken and sweet hot pot full of fish, shrimp and wild vegetables, while listening to the singer. And yes, U Minh will leave in the hearts of visitors unforgettable impression.

Leaving U Minh Ha submerged forest land, visitors can immediately come to the mangroves of Ca Mau. By boat ride on the river of Ngoc Hien district, through mangrove forests filled with birds, watching the tide withdraw, the net sparkling in the sunset, visitors will have a chance to try mud swamp fishing.

3. Rowing boat and catch ba khia at night

The night of the forest was silent, the sound of the paddle was stirring, the sound of water bubbling and sometimes the sound of somebody in the group excitedly screeching when a lighted bait was snatched from the cave.


Nothing is better than a hot bowl of seafood porridge for a late night meal

The late porridge is also something can’t be missed in the journey. Who knows? A pot of porridge with lots of kinds of seafoods can be that good and obsessive up to now.

4. Enjoy Ca Mau cuisine

Come to Ca Mau tourism, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the cuisine here with grilled pork tenderloin hot pepper sauce, sweet crab meat, sweet potato salad, oysters,… Coming to Ca Mau, remember to bring back a few barrels of bricks, fresh seafood, or many famous dried such as dried shrimp, dried snapper fish, dry fish crap, dried shrimp chutney, shrimp head.


A specialty of Ca Mau

In particular, honey from U Minh forest is considered one of the specialties are loved by many most of tourists.

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