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4 destinations near Saigon attracting young people

If you’re getting bored, or even sick of the noisy life in Saigon, the terrible traffic jams, the poisonous smokes,… then why don’t go to these suburb destinations that are near Saigon but still can give you peaceful moments, fresh air and relaxing time that you’re searching.

1. Tre Viet tourist village

Located from Ho Chi Minh City about 15km, to come here, you’ll just need to board Cat Lai ferry boat in Dong Nai, go to Phan Van Dang crossroad, then turn right and go about 500m to reach Tre Viet tourist village. With approximately 45,000m² of land, Tre Viet is a unique tourist village, like the miniature model of Southern delta region.


Tre Viet tourist village

Because the entire site of Tre Viet is covered by water, it is an extremely popular tourist destination for those who love water sports such as kayaking, river bathing, etc. Especially, Tre Viet has many new games that are almost never found in other tourist destinations such as: cycling on the water, dining, partying on the floating huts, and kayaking. This place is very suitable for team games and team building activities.

Address: Phuoc Luong Hamlet, Phu Huu Commune, Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province.

2. Thao Dien Family Garden

Located in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, on an area of ​​over 5,000m², Family Garden is a new playground with natural beauty and welcomes a lot of people come to relax every weekend.


Thao Dien Family Garden

This is a place where young people and their families can enjoy a really green space, with interesting outdoor activities such as harvesting, planting, gardening, fishing, pet caring, going to the agricultural product markets, or enjoying outdoor parties,…

Address: 28 Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

Opening: 08:30 AM – 08:00 PM

3. Ecological tourist village of Fosaco ethnic people

Located in Nhuan Duc commune, Cu Chi district, about 8km from Cu Chi tunnels, the eco-village of Fosaco people is likened to a Central Highlands in the heart of the city because of gathering unique cultural features of ethnic minorities such as architecture, culinary festivals and handicraft village,…


Ecological tourist village of Fosaco ethnic people

You will be immersed in the space of the village hidden in the forest, explore the mystery of the grave statue or learn how to control the buffalo and enjoy many special dishes here.

Address: Nhuan Duc Commune, Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh city

Opening Hours: 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM

4. Thuy Chau artificial stream tourist area

It is 20km from Tan Son Nhat International Airport. Thuy Chau tourist area is one of the most attractive places for young and dynamic people. With an area of ​​more than 18 hectares, it is an artificial landscape but with forests, streams, and artificial lake will help you temporarily escape from the stressful life in the city.


Thuy Chau artificial stream tourist area

Not too far and not too expensive as many other tourist destinations in Saigon, Thuy Chau tourist area will be suitable for young people who love nature, love the feeling of immersing in the cool water,…

Address: No. 55 DT743, Binh Thang Ward, Di An, Binh Duong (from Pham Van Dong Street, Go Vap District, about 3km from Thu Duc and only takes 20-30 minutes to get there).

Opened from 9:30 am to 10 pm every Saturday and Sunday.

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