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4 addictive dishes of Thanh Hoa (part 2)

Besides the fancy dishes that I told you in Part 1 of this article​, Thanh Hoa has 2 more special dishes, that promise to bring you from surprise to surprise no less than the last 2 dishes. And here they are

1. Khoai cake with tiny shrimp cooked in cast-iron pan

Although the name is slightly similar to a kind of Hue’s cake, the taste and processing of this cake in Thanh Hoa has many differences that you can only recognize if watching the locals make it and trying it.

4-addictive-dishes-of-Thanh-Hoa-(part 2)1

Khoai cake with tiny shrimp cooked in cast-iron pan is always a favorite dishes to tourists

In order to make this specialty, a large cast iron pan will be heated with a little oil inside. After it’s hot enough, the seller will quickly put in a little bit sliced cabbage spread evenly over the surface of the pan, followed by the prepared mixture of powder and water, and then finally sprinkle some tiny shrimp on top, then cover up the pan for about 30 seconds to a minute, fold them up and put it on plate.

4-addictive-dishes-of-Thanh-Hoa-(part 2)2

The way they make this cake

Thanh Hoa people often choose their fish sauce to make the sauce for this cake, each stall that sells this cake will have their own secret in making the sauce, but the sauce will have to be not too sweet or too harsh, with a little bit of pineapple juice, a little pepper,… When eating this cake, you will feel like being in an harmony of flavors, between the sweet-sour taste of sauce, the fresh vegetables, the crunchy sweet tiny shrimp, the crunchy cake,…

2. Rang Bua cake

This cake is made from rice powder, wrapped in banana leaves, inside the cake is pork, red onion, cat’s ear mushrooms, all are minced and mixed together. Leaves used to wrap the cake are often fresh leaves from the mountains, or fresh banana leaves cut in the garden, washed carefully and dried upon the fire so that it won’t be teared out when wrapping.

4-addictive-dishes-of-Thanh-Hoa-(part 2)3

The stunning Rang Bua cake

After the wrapping is finished, the cakes will be neatly put into the pot, then pour water and boiled. When boiling is finished, the cake will smell very good, but don’t be hurry to eat it at this time because it can make your mouth suffer from a horrible heat, just wait minute, then carefully take off the leaves outside, pour the sauce on and there you go to enjoy this fancy dish.

4-addictive-dishes-of-Thanh-Hoa-(part 2)4

Look at how they prepare the cake!

Previously, the cake only appeared on the occasion of Tet holidays, but now it is made all year round and is the favorite dish of many people. Rang Bua cake is always delicious, especially in cold rainy days.

So, here we are at the end of the journey to discover the addictive dishes of Thanh Hoa!

It’s such an interesting experience​ for any foodies who want to discover Vietnam’s culinary cultures, right!

So how about next time I’ll bring you special dishes of other regions in Vietnam? I bet it will be very awesome.


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