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4 addictive dishes of Thanh Hoa (part 1)

Thanh Hoa may be not a popular destination for tourists when coming to Vietnam like Hanoi, Hoi An or Halong Bay,… but the cuisine here can make you addicted once trying.

4-addictive-dishes-of-Thanh-Hoa-(part 1)1

Thanh Hoa and its poetic scenery

Not delicate like Hanoi’s cuisine, nor complicated like Hoi An’s cuisine,… Thanh Hoa’s cuisine has its very own attractiveness. Despite the simple preparation, the normal ingredients, Thanh Hoa’s dishes still can be an addictive thing to anyone who once trying them.

1. Roll cake

There’s one dish originated from Thanh Hoa that is very famous around Vietnam – Banh Cuon or roll cake. Although this cake is sold in many places in Vietnam, but to talk about the most delicious flavor, Thanh Hoa is definitely the place that you can find the true taste of roll cake.

4-addictive-dishes-of-Thanh-Hoa-(part 1)2

Stunning plate of Thanh Hoa roll cake

Thanh Hoa roll cake is a perfect combination between hot soft cake layer, sweet shrimp, and crunchy fried onion, with the unique fish sauce,.. everything, even simple, still can wake your appetite up and make you fall for it right at the first bite.

If you have ever eaten, I’m sure you will remember the flavor and want to return for more.

2. Duc Sot cake

Duc Sot cake is the only dish in Thanh Hoa with distinct flavor and quite nice color: turquoise. To make this dish, rice flour will be cooked with some lime water, added both fat and onions to raise the flavor. After that, taking the juice of Ngot vegetables or Cai vegetables to mix with the flour in order to have that beautiful turquoise color. Boiling this mixture until it is ripe, constantly stirring the mixture with both chopsticks so that the cake will be perfectly smooth.

4-addictive-dishes-of-Thanh-Hoa-(part 1)3

This is also a strange food for even Vietnamese

This cake must be served when it’s still hot, that’s why the pot of cake will be lifted from the stove and immediately placed in a basket of cloth and plastic wrapped to keep the heat. When there is a customer, the seller will take the cake to the bowl, sprinkle a few spoons of mashed green beans on the bowl.

4-addictive-dishes-of-Thanh-Hoa-(part 1)4

A Duc Sot cake stall right on the side walk

The bowl of this cake with the turquoise color of cake, and the yellow color of the green beans above, the taste may be a bit weird to someone who eat this for the first time because of the strange smell of rice flour cooked with vegetables​ water. But once you know how to eat it properly, you’ll be obsessed by it.

In particular, the burning part of the cake is very delicious, crispy and tasty, however, if you want to eat that, you’ll have to tell the seller to save that for you. This simple, rustic dish is associated with the childhood of many Thanh Hoa people.

Besides these 2 dishes, Thanh Hoa has also 2 more addictive dishes that I’ll tell you in the NEXT part of this article.

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