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3 specialties of Cu Lao Cham that make visitors difficult to resist

As a group of peaceful islands, Cu Lao Cham always welcomes visitors by the sound of sea waves, long beautiful white sand and deep blue sea. A trip to Cu Lao Cham will leave an unforgettable memory in the hearts of tourists, especially to enjoy specialties Cu Lao Cham. And below are the 3 most popular specialties of Cu Lao Cham.


Beautiful scenery of Cu Lao Cham

1. Abalone

Most of travelers come to Cu Lao Cham to enjoy the fresh abalone just caught on the beach. Abalone is one of the rare species of snails, known by many names as snails (due to the 9 holes) or eardrums (due to the shape like the ear).

These snails often cling to coral reefs in saline water so it is difficult to detect them. To catch abalone, experienced fishermen have to dive deep into the sea and it is difficult to separate them from the rocks. Hence, abalone is a specialty that lots of visitors love and want to try when being here.


Abalone of Cu Lao Cham

Freshly caught abalone will have round shape, meat full, and all you need to do to enjoy it is just washing away the sand inside, and then cook in any way you want. They have a lot of nutritional value. The fresh abalone can be made into a variety of flavorful dishes that no other seafood can match. It can be processed into many dishes such as boiled, steamed, fried depending on the taste of customers.

2. Cu Lao Cham forest vegetables

Raw vegetables with seafood rolls in seasoned sesame rice cake became an attractive specialty of Cu Lao Cham. Vegetables are also used to cook soup with shrimp or minced meat or wild vegetables can also be dried and then boil to drink as a kind of tea, a detoxification for the body.


A dish with wild vegetables in Cu Lao Cham

Also, in Cu Lao Cham, you can enjoy another vegetable, which is a bit bitter.

3. Bird’s nest

The bird’s nest is a pharmaceutical ingredient, it is made from nest of a special kind of bird named “Yen”. For a long time, scientists have confirmed that bird nest in their saliva by pairs of tongue gland to secrete to nest.


Bird’s nest of Cu Lao Cham

The new yolk is pinkish-white, soft and tough, but by the action of the air, it quickly froze and turned white. Bird’s nest soup is a high-grade food with high nutritional content.

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