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3 paradise beaches in Cambodia that are cheap, near and beautiful for you to go

Nobody who loves the beauty of the sea can ignore these 3 paradise beaches in Cambodia.

For the past few years, Cambodia has been attracting a large number of tourists, including young Vietnamese. Convenient transportation, low cost and especially fresh breezes, the attraction of these beaches can be compared to the Maldives paradise, this place definitely deserves to be the must-come tourist destination this summer!

If you are still confused what to prepare, how to go … to come to this paradise in Cambodia, please read the following review of Dac Thanh Huy. A month ago, Huy’s trip to Cambodia received nearly 4,000 social media hits and countless flickering images, guaranteed to give you a great experience!

Day 1: Saigon – Ha Tien – Shihanoukville

– You buy bus tickets of Kumho Western bus (bed type – 160,000 VND / person). Departure at 21:30 from Ha Tien at about 5am. Transit will take you to the pick-up point to go to the border gate.

– Group of 4-6 people should rent a 7 seats car to go. Friends group of Huy had 5 people and booked 7 seats Viet-Cam-Thai ($14 / person) + 100,000VND / person exit fee + health examination fee. Very convenient!


The fancy beauty of Shihanoukville

– At this time, you can always buy a boat ticket to the island for convenience. Ticket price is 20USD per person (over 400,000VND) for fast train (45 minutes) or 25USD / person for slow train (about 550,000VND)

– You will take about 3 hours for the distance from Ha Tien to Shihanoukville. In Shihanouk, Huy rents OC Hotel for $ 60 per room including breakfast (more than 1 million VND). Here, you can take a beach stroll. In the evening, you can sit and enjoy beer, fireworks on the beach.

Day 2: Shihanouk – Koh Rong Samloem

– You use the train ticket you bought for Koh Rong Samloem. This ticket is a round-trip high speed ticket, including 2 tickets, a ticket controller​ will take it when you board the island.

– The ship will stop at Samloem Pier. Here, there are many resorts and hotels for you to choose (should book online on the site). Huy’s hotel is The One Rerost with 1 bungalow for 5 persons, price 140USD / bungalow / 5 people (about 3 million VND).


Discovering Koh Rong Samloem

Koh Rong Samloem is almost uninhabited, running along the beaches of the resorts so it can be said that these resorts are extremely private and quiet. Fine white sand, clear water, shallow water and extremely safe. In the afternoon you go along the beach, watch the sunset, sit on the rocking swing to watch the sea, lunch by the sea and then go to the pool drinking coconut water – isn’t it fancy?

Day 3: Koh Rong Samloem – Koh Rong

– Cano will take you to the pier waiting for the high-speed train to carry you to Kohrong Island. The trip from Samloem to Koh Rong is $5 / person (over 100,000VND), in about 15 minutes.

– If Samloem is a quiet and romantic island, Koh Rong is noisier a bit. The sea in Koh Rong is not as clean as Samloem.


Visiting Koh Rong

– Koh Rong will give you two options to experience: One is to sail around the island, scuba diving. Second is playing High Point. High Point is a challenging game with risky and adventurous activities (on rope, balancing go board, zip line, etc.). Very scared and a bit heartless to those who play for the first time. At the end of High Point, you will be standing on a tree at the top of Koh Rong hill and overlooking the island from above, then slide the zip line to the end of the game, 400 meters High ~ 150m above ground level, very interesting. The service fee is $25 per person. (About 550,000VND)

– In the afternoon you can bathe, in the evening, drag together and walk into the center for some beer, dinner, and live music.

Day 4: Koh Rong – Shihanouk – Ha Tien – Saigon

– The ship will pick you up to the mainland at 10:00 am, so you must be prepared, if not wait more than 12:00 noon to continue, affect the check out at the border.


On the way return to Saigon

– If the time is right then 16:00 you will return to Ha Tien, then 19:00 to the car to Saigon.

  • Some things to keep in mind

– Don’t be too hurry because it will be crowded and immigration procedures will be long.

– Expected cost is only 2-3 million VND is enough, but want to “really enjoy everything”, you should bring up to 5 million per person.

– Remember to change money. Cambodia only uses cash​, not credit cards.

– The food is mainly European, so anyone who does not like / do not like to eat European food should have food reservation.

– Remember when the train leaves.

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