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3 MV that can make you want to carry package and travel around Vietnam immediately

From Da Lat, Bao Loc to Phan Thiet, Phu Quoc … every tourist attractions of Vietnam will appear in the following music videos with unique angles and catchy music tunes, and you will definitely want to carry your backpack to travel around Vietnam right away.

1. Điều buồn tênh – Quang Vinh

Being a romantic and passionate traveler, Quang Vinh chose Da Lat as the destination to make the MV “Điều buồn tênh”, and​ marked a return to music market after 3 year absence. Through this MV, the audience will see a Da Lat that is both strange and familiar which has appeared such romantic through the poetic eyes of Quang Vinh, as he is not only a singer but also a travel lover, enjoys exploring, and​ loves to see things from another angle.


A scene in MV “Điều buồn tênh”

The two main scenes in “Điều buồn tênh” are the triangular flower field in Da Lat milk farm and the lonely pine tree on the hill of Thien Phuc Duc. Each interesting scene appearing in the MV can make souls that love the romance of Da Lat have the motivation to carry backpack and come to this place immediately.

2. Lạc trôi – Sơn Tùng M-TP

Starting the year of 2017 with a super-product, MV called “Lạc trôi ” and spent only 1 day to earn more than 1 million views, Son Tung M-TP has really demonstrated his ability and skill. Not only impressed audiences with addictive melody, creative content, uniqueness, Son Tung’s new MV also intrigued listeners by the beautiful scenes, especially with the frames are filmed outdoors.


A scene in MV “Lạc trôi”

A lot of people are curious about how the scene in this MV can be as beautiful as the scene in the​ Chinese ancient films. Known that all of these footages are filmed in Vietnam, not in any other country, they’re even really near Da Lat – a popular tourist destination known by all young people. It is also known that this illusory scene is the famous “Linh Quy Phap An” in Bao Loc, Lam Dong.

3. Đi để trở về – Soobin Hoàng Sơn

The MV is invested with impressive footage, set in the dreaming city of Da Lat, Soobin Hoang Son and his crew have built a meaningful story, sticking to the content and message of the song.


A scene in MV “Đi để trở về”

On the first journey of the story, Soobin Hoang Son appears as a young man whose desire is to explore life, to travel around to experience new lands, cultures and people. The trip has brought him many memorable memories, such as fun moments, playing with children, meeting pleasant people or alone moments with the majestic nature.

After a long trip, the boy decided to return to his family when Tet arrived. In the moment of reunion with relatives, the boy hugged his mother and then moved from emotionally embarrassed to happy to see the joy of welcome from his father.

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