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3 Important things to remember when losing your passport overseas

You should report to the police and appropriate authorities as soon as possible, then pay attention to financial solutions.

This is the most horrible situation for any tourist, especially when you are abroad. When you lose your passport, besides the disadvantage of not being able to check in to the plane, check in to the hotel … it is very dangerous for security reasons when no one identified your identity. That is not to mention the situation where someone takes advantage of your lost passport to do illegal things. Therefore, passports are important documents that can not be separated when traveling abroad.

So here are 3 important things to remember when losing your passport overseas.

1. About the legal procedures​:

In the problem of a misplacement, the first thing to do is to quickly inform the local police and the nearest Vietnamese diplomatic missions.

– Fill in the passport-loss notification form in the form of passport and email the Consular Department (at and the Diplomatic Mission of Vietnam, plus 2 4×6 cm photos, and include a copy of the police certificate of loss of passport.

– Be present at the representation to work.


Know where to contact to when meeting troubles in your trip to foreign country is very essential

The information you provided on your passport loss report will be entered into the Immigration Control Department’s (Public Security Administration) data and will be deemed to have canceled the use of that passport to most countries. When your passport has been canceled, your passport will not be restored, you can not re-use it if you find it. You need to apply for a new passport.

2. Time limit for Vietnamese representative offices to consider the re-issue of passports or laissez-passers:

– If you bring other documents proving your Vietnamese nationality such as your identity card, evidence of legal entry country (air ticket, entry declaration) within 5 working days, you will get your passport if you continue your journey to another country.

– If you go on a tour or group, the delegation, the person accompanying the delegation to present your personal passport, confirm that you are a member of the delegation, you will be issued to return to the country within 24 hours.


Losing passport is no more a strange problem to tourists

– If you do not have any other documents and do not belong to the above mentioned objects, the Vietnamese representations shall carry out the verification. Within 5 working days, you will be considered for reissue of Passport or Passport.

3. Financial:

Many lost passports often lose money with wallets. Or because the time left to re-issue passports exceeds the financial data carried, that is not including passport renewal fees, so the issue of money also becomes a big concern.

If you go out with friends or have relatives in the country, you do not have to worry much because they can still rely on them to borrow money to re-passport … However, in the case of alone, you need yourself mobilize by looking for a bank or other international money transfer service.


Finance is very important when you’re in this trouble

There are 2 options, you can find Western Union to receive money transfer service from home. Or if you own a global bank account, you can also go to the branch of your bank in your country of residence to contact for a transfer.

  • Note about the Internet:

In the meantime, you need internet to look up, find address, contact bank or contact diplomatic agency. Not every place can find free wifi. You can look for public buildings such as the City Hall, the Government Office of Tourism, public buildings for wifi use. You can also use free wifi in fast food stores such as McDonalds, the station (usually limited to 15-30 minutes) or cafes.

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