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3 beautiful flowers make you just want to come to Da Lat immediately

1. The field of hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are the famous flower in Da Lat, grown in many places in the center and suburbs. Coming to Da Lat this season, you will be surprised to see a wide field of hydrangea after 2 hours under the beautiful pine forest in Luoyang.

Originally not intended for tourists but when many people visit, this place may become a bit crowded. Many couples have chosen the romantic scene here as a background for wedding albums.


The beauty of hydrangeas in Da Lat

The field of flowers is located in the suburb about 15km from the center of Da Lat, located in Lac Duong district next to provincial road 723 linking Da Lat and Nha Trang. From the city center, you go straight to Highway 20 (Tran Hung Dao street), turn Tran Quy Cap, turn right Phan Chu Trinh, go straight to Than Tho Lake will see provincial road 723.

2. Sun flower

Last year Da Lat was famous for its sunflower field at Da Lat Milk Farm, however this year it was not. In return Da Lat new sunflower field appeared in the suburbs, about 15km from the center of the city. Come here, you can admire the scenery, take a picture, spoiled to feel the beauty of the mysterious flowers in the sun. The most ideal time to save the beautiful moments of sunflowers is the session at morning 7-8 hours or afternoon 15-17 hours.


Stunning sun flower of Da Lat

To visit the sunflower hills, from the center of Da Lat you move towards Van Thanh village down the Ta Nung Pass along two sides there will be many small sunflower garden, if continue. Move about 5km to Me Linh cafe on the right hand side you will see sunflower field.

3. Cherry blossom

Although the cherry blossom festival was canceled and flowers this year is not as great as last year but to Da Lat at this time you can still see flowers blooming scattered.


Cherry blossom of Da Lat

Cherry blossom is considered the flower of Da Lat characteristic of each spring and distributed many places throughout the city. Some ideal areas for you to enjoy flowers are Xuan Huong Lake, Dong Da, Hung Vuong, Nguyen Du, Quang Trung, Tran Hung Dao, Tuyen Lam Lake, Xuan Truong, Ta Nung commune, Da Quy slope (Xuan Tho, Trai Mat),…

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