Japan is a country that makes​ tourism very skillfully from the smallest things. They always want visitors to experience true culture, people, cuisine, and landscapes.

Animation of symbolic characters

Musubi-Maru carries the shape of a famous rice ball warrior in Miyagi province (Japan). The rice ball character is drawn in many styles, from the real to the colorful cartoon style. Coming to Miyagi, you will find “Rice Balls” on greeting cards, costume figures, advertisements, People’s Committee building, travel guides, newspapers, stationery, souvenirs …

How did the Japanese 'steal' the hearts of visitors 1

The Japanese want to transmit messages of local histories, cultures and traditions to animated characters and introduce them to tourists. Because Japan itself is a country famous for its cartoon characters and comic culture. Even when you visit an administrative building, you will be surprised when a dressed person is standing at the door, giving you a hug and a souvenir photo. This makes visitors very enjoy and love Japan at first sight.

Visitors to Japan often post to Facebook photos of animated characters such as Musubi Maru, Daruma, lucky cat Maneki Neko, Pikachu … and buy gifts that symbolize to the colorful Japan. Since then, Japan’s image has become more popular on social networks, and Japan has become more loveable.

Travel guides are everywherein Japan

You can find Japanese travel guides at subways, bus stations, supermarkets, convenience stores, hotels, restaurants or cafes. Multicolor handbooks are often placed where the tourists find them most. You can find all the information such as maps, emergency numbers, good restaurants, beautiful coffee shops, souvenir shops, public service and important all the monuments, scenic beauties of the province you are in.

How did the Japanese 'steal' the hearts of visitors 2

At times, the brochures are so beautiful that makes visitorswant to bring back as a memory as well, and to mark places they have gone through. Of course, the handbook is free.

Try out the best things

It is possible that in the old days, you always thought that public places would be popular products. You will be surprised to go to hot springs in any hotel with this service. You can experience shampoos, shower gel, cleanser, make-up remover, shaving cream and a lot of cosmetics from famous Japanese brands. You can end the day by playing a hot spring bath. Rest assured that late into the night there are people with you to bathe and experience the luxury cosmetics.

How did the Japanese 'steal' the hearts of visitors 3

This is also a way to advertise local brands in Japan. You will bring back at least some of the cosmetic items that you used in the hot spring baths, many of which are only available domestically in Japan.

Waving until you disappear

Image receptionist bowed and waved the delegation whitening in the wind of snow really make the visitors feel like their family.

When you leave a hotel or a resort, employees, even older people, see you off in the car and wave to you until you have gone so far and you no longer see each other.

How did the Japanese 'steal' the hearts of visitors 4

Japan is not an industrial country with a hustle and bustle, office buildings shining through the night as people often think. There, people are really hospitable, courteous and sincere. If you come to a homestay, you will be in the nicest place in the house, preferably in the first bath and be invited to the best food. Many visitors did not dare to look back when they broke up, because they could not help but be moved by the tears, the tears of the hosts, or simply a hotel where you stopped.

The culture of greeting others is the way Japanese people show respect for visitors, and visitors fully feel the sincere and heartfelt sentiment.

High sanitary awareness

Walking on busy roads, in public metro stations or simply at any market, you also see the cleanliness and self-consciousness of protecting the urban environment and beauty of people. Image of the landfill smelly, sewage with flies almost doesn’t exist.

How did the Japanese 'steal' the hearts of visitors 5

Instead, garbage bin is ubiquitous, both organic and inorganic. Therefore, when traveling in Japan, enjoy the fresh and airy, clean beauty of the landscape, you will feel guilty and embarrassed if you behave like littering, scabbing drugs spit or spit where public. A nice clean Japan will be what you tell your friends after a memorable trip.

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