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11 best street foods in the world

No matter where you go, tasting the street food is an indispensable experience on the journey of discovery, such as when coming to India you have to enjoy Jalebi, coming to China, you have to enjoy Ho Lo candy or else in Mexico, you have to enjoy fried locusts,…

Here are 11 of the best street foods in the world that you should try at least once in your traveling life.

1. Mussel – Turkey


The fresh and sweet mussel of Turkey

Located at the crossroads between the two continents, Asia and Europe, Turkish cuisine is rich and famous for its mussels, Doner Kebab sandwiches, fish sandwiches… You can easily enjoy mussels anywhere across the streets of Turkey.

2. Jalebi – India


Jalebi of India

Jalebi is made from dough, fried with butter and sprinkled with sweet sugar syrup. This dish is sold all over the streets of India, the Indians often eat Jalebi for breakfast with hot milk, or as a dessert for a meal.

3. Hollandse Nieuwe – Netherlands


Hollandse Nieuwe – Netherlands

Hollandse Nieuwe also has another name, Maatjesharing, which is the name of the Haring cleaned scale and bone. The Dutch often eat this dish with minced onion and pickles.

4. Fried grasshoppers – Mexico


Fried grasshoppers – Mexico

Fried grasshopper is a familiar street food in Mexico that is very crispy, fragrant, fatty and of course delicious. In Mexico, grasshoppers are fried with salt and pepper, creating a nutritious and tasty snack. In addition, they are used as the stuffing of the famous Taco, a famous cake of Mexico.

̀̀5. Ho Lo candy – China


Ho Lo candy – China

This dish is also called Tanghulu, is a famous street food in China. Visitors can easily find this on the Ho Lo candy bicycles across China with round candy balls that are glued around the bamboo slats. The Ho Lo candy has many different tastes for guests to choose from such as tangerine, pineapple, banana,…

̉6. Burek – Croatia


Burek – Croatia

This is a kind of traditional cake of Croatia, made from cheese and meat, this is also the traditional medical dish in Croatia. The amount of fat and carbohydrate in Burek will help the body to absorb alcohol better.

7. Snail soup – Morocco


Snail soup – Moroccan

Like its name, the main ingredient of this dish is the snail, this is one of the famous street foods of Morocco, that any visitors must try once when coming here.

́8. Quiche cake – France


Quiche cake – France

Quiche is a famous French cake. There are many different types of Quiche because the Quinche cakes come from different regions will have different stuffing, but the most common stuffing for the French Quinche cake are the meat, eggs, and cheese.

̣9. Acarajé cake – Brasil


Acarajé cake – Brasil

In order to make Acarajé cake, the white beans will be crushed and then squeezed into spheres with the inner parts made from shrimp and vinegar and then fried in palm oil. This dish is usually served with tomato salad, chili sauce, and fried shrimp.

10. Arancini fried rice – Italy


Arancini fried rice – Italy

The outer layer of this dish is cooked with Italian rice mixed with turmeric powder. The inner part is often stuffed with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, rag casserole, and peas. The rice balls are rounded, rolled into the egg yolk, then wrapped in a layer of wheat flour and fried in hot oil, this is a very famous street food in Italy.

11. Takoyaki – Japan


Takoyaki – Japan

Tako means octopus, while yaki means to bake. The main ingredient of the Takoyaki bread is the minced or diced octopus and some other spices. This is a popular street food in Japan, usually served with Okonomi sauce or mayonnaise.

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