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10 famous spicy foods around the world

Long time ago, spicy dishes have become an indispensable part of the culinary culture of every country. The spicy dishes never stop proving its attraction to customers around the world, especially these special spicy dishes below, which can give a new and unforgettable experience to anyone once trying it.

1. Phall, England


Phall of England

Phall is considered to be the spiciest curry in the world, with the main ingredients being pepper and extremely hot pepper. The chefs in many restaurants that serve this curry also wear gas masks when cooking it to prevent spicy chili from affecting health during processing this dish.

2. Spicy hotpot, China


Spicy hotpot of China

Tu Xuyen spicy hotpot was born in the early 20th century, when the poor workers can’t afford to buy meat. Finally, they cooked a cheap part of pork in hot spicy pot to improve the taste of meat. Now, this dish is not only a normal dish for the labor in the society, but it has been upgraded with a variety of good ingredients.

Tu Xuyen is also one of the 4 provinces famous for spicy dishes in China.

3. Vindaloo Pork, India


Vindaloo pork of India

This traditional dish was brought by the Portuguese to India in the 18th century. Interestingly, this dish does not have a prototype with basic ingredients. You can try Vindaloo pork with many versions, which have been processed to match the taste of local people.

4. Creole Shrimp, USA


Creole shrimp of USA

Creole shrimp consists of cooked shrimp served with rice, mixed with vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, celery and bell peppers. Creole sauce of Creole shrimp makes the dish become famous around the world. When eating, customers will feel like the oral cavity is “burned slowly”.

5. Papa A La Huancaina, Peru


Papa A La Huancaina of Peru

Traditional cuisine of the Huancayo region consists of the basic ingredients like potatoes and cheese sauce, accompanied by boiled eggs and black olives. It sounds simple and delicious, but you will feel hot spicy taste at first bite because of the main ingredients of this dish are yellow peppers, a popular pepper of Peru.

6. Wot, Ethiopia


Wot of Ethiopia

Curries in this African country are mostly based on seasonal meats and bring a wonderful flavor. Wot is usually served with inerja, a popular bread in Ethiopia.

7. Army Stew, South Korea


Army stew of South Korea

This dish was born in the 20th century during the Korean War. Taking advantage of canned meats provided by the United States, Koreans have created spicy hot dishes, served with Korean dishes such as kimchi, seaweed. From a simple dish created during the war, Army Stew has become famous throughout the country.

8. Bunny Chow, South Africa


Bunny Chow of South Africa

Bunny Chow is a traditional Indian food in South Africa, then spread throughout the world. The chef cut a large slice of bread and poured curry, with meat and beans in it. Dishes are more attractive when accompanied by cold beer during hot days in South Africa.

9. Torta Ahogada, Mexico


Torta Ahogada of Mexico

This popular dish in Mexico is a type of pork burger, including spicy chili, tomatoes, spices other than sweet to help balance and reduce spicy. Pork is laced with garlic and orange juice, then roasted until golden brown.

10. Jungle Curry, Thailand


Jungle curry of Thailand

This curry is famous in Thailand because of the large amount of chili used for processing: more than 60 types of chili. Surely, just to hear the amount of chili used is that visitors feel the spicy hotness from the dish.

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