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10 delicious and popular dishes around the world

Halo halo, Ice Kacang, Patbingsu or ice cream mochi,… are things that can’t be ignored when coming to the countries which are the hometowns of these world’s famous dishes.

1. Acasi na Tigela


Acasi na Tigela

Acai na Tigela – this Brazilian dessert is made by grinding the fresh frozen fruit into a smooth and cool mixture of ice cream. In Brazilian dialect, “na Tigela” means bowl, so it is easy to see Brazilian serving this dessert in a large bowl.

2. Frozen bananas


Frozen bananas

Despite its very simple ingredients, this dessert is an extremely attractive dish in the Summer, these are frozen bananas. Bananas are peeled, dipped in molten chocolate, then cooled off. In addition to chocolate, you can choose your favorite topping layer to cover the outside of the chocolate such as small grated nuts, peanuts or chopped coconuts.

3. Halo-halo



Halo halo is a very popular dish in the Philippines. With eye-catching colors and diverse ingredients, this dish has long become the favorite food of many people. A bowl of halo halo consists of taro, coconut milk, jackfruit, coconut, beans,…, special ice cream and a bit condensed milk.

4. Ice Kacang


Ice Kacang

Similar to halo halo in the Philippines, Ice Kacang of Malaysia also includes a lot of ice and various topping. Kacang in Malay means bean, so, the bean is an ingredient can’t be missed in this cool dish. The difference, however, is that Ice Kacang has small, rounded stones that are associated with bean paste, jelly, sweet corn, palm nuts, and syrup.

5. Kulfi



If you come to India, Pakistan or Nepal on a hot summer day, you should definitely enjoy Kulfi. The main ingredient to make this kind of ice cream is the condensed milk that makes the fatty, sweet taste for this dish. Kulfi has an affordable price, and also has many flavors for customers to choose from such as nutmeg, mango, rose, pistachio, orange, apple or even Nutella (a flavor made from cocoa and chestnut).

6. Mais con Yelo


Mais con Yelo

Another well-known dish in the summer with Filipinos is Mais con Yelo. This sweet dish is the perfect dessert for summer. In a bowl of Mais con Yelo can’t lack ice, cold milk and lots of sweet corn seeds make the attractive yellow to anyone.

7. Patbingsu



A dish that is loved by both adults and children in the land of Kimchi is Patbingsu. This cool sweet dish is a clever and casual combination of ice cream, red bean paste, extracts of chopped fruit, condensed milk, and ice cream. Alternatively, you can also substitute or choose for yourself the ingredients that you like to have your own Patbingsu bowl.

8. Piragua



Piragua is a jug of chips and assorted syrups that are rich in color and flavor. The ingredients you can choose to eat with ice cream include coconut, mango, strawberry, cherry, grapes and many more. Finally, you will have a green, red, yellow, blue, and purple piragua.

9. Semifreddo



In Italy, people prefer a sweet and cool dessert named Semifreddo. Semifreddo is actually an ice cream with basic ingredients such as eggs and fresh cream, in addition to whey and fruit powder. Because it is made from egg white, Semifreddo is very soft and tender. This ice cream has many flavors, is beautifully decorated and is often served with biscuits.

10. Ice cream mochi


Ice cream mochi

Japanese ice cream mochi is a perfect combination of cream and sticky rice cake, but in this mochi, they don’t use traditional red bean or green bean paste, but cream with different flavors like vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, green tea, banana or blueberry,… with the outer coat from soft rice flour.

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