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10 charming destinations in Autumn around the world

Autumn is always one of the best times to make a journey to somewhere, not only due to the beautiful natural scenery that can make anyone fall in love immediately but also because of the cool atmosphere that you can only enjoy in the Autumn. Therefore, in today’s article, I’ll tell you about the gorgeous destinations for an Autumn trip.

1. Vilnius, Lithuania

The Fall in Vilnius, Lithuania is very beautiful. September and October are nice times to explore this peaceful capital with the cool weather, warm sunshine, evenings with cool breezes,… which make anyone just wanna take a walk along the romantic streets here.


Vilnius, Lithuania

The colorful trees, entertainment activities, beautiful old town and historical sites, hospitable people of this place always attract visitors come to experience.

2. Gorbea National Park, Basque Country, Spain

Gorbea National Park is very well reserved. In the center of the park is a mountain with the same name, 1.482m high, is suitable for visitors to experience the climb with the dedicated equipment available.


Gorbea National Park, Basque Country, Spain

In addition, this place also features majestic waterfalls, trails, rich vegetation, beautiful mountain scenery and many rows of colorful shade trees in the autumn dream.

3. Daigo-ji, Kyoto, Japan

If you come to Japan in Spring, you will probably have the opportunity to admire the radiant beauty of cherry blossoms in this park, located right in the heart of the city. Especially, in Autumn, this place is also very beautiful and romantic.


Daigo-ji, Kyoto, Japan

A visit to the famous temples of Kyoto is also considered to be the most enjoyable activity.

4. Otago, New Zealand

It is famous for its vibrant city and beautiful natural scenery with mountainous terrain, pristine forests and breathtaking paths.


Otago, New Zealand

A visit to the vineyards, wine production and contemplate the nine-grape field is really great.

5. Ashi Lake, Hakone, Japan

The lake is located at Hakone Volcanic Crater, with spectacular views. When the weather is nice, around the lake will be covered by very beautiful colors which come from the trees and leaves here.


Ashi Lake, Hakone, Japan

In addition to admire the scenery, take a hot spring bath, visitors can also admire the iconic mountain Fuji – the symbol of Japan.

6. Skye, Scotland

The cool weather and ideal climate are factors that make Skye the perfect destination for tourists in the Fall.


Skye, Scotland

The Gulf Stream brings warm water currents flowing through the palms, rice plants that make up the charming colors for this place. Along with that is the unique beauty of the terraces, rock formations with the strange shape which is also something that no tourist can resist from visiting when coming here.

7. New Hampshire, USA

With rivers, lakes, mountains, colorful trees and old forests together with the typical four-season climate, houses with many colors,… The Autumn here is beautiful as a painting, a masterpiece drawn by Nature.


New Hampshire, USA

Visitors to this place often choose to experience boating on the tranquil lake, watching the scenery drifting or climbing up to the top of Washington Mount to admire the cloud landscape.

8. Maramures, Romania

Maramures is a land located in the Northeast of Romania, which is close to the land of Ukraine, a place is often associated with legends.


Maramures, Romania

In Winter, Maramures valley becomes romantic and very poetic, embroidering the beautiful nature of villages, streams, mysterious jungles,…

9. Seoraksan National Park, Gangwon Province, South Korea

Situated in the Taebaek Mountains, Seoraksan is the tallest mountain in South Korea with an elevation of 1,708m.


Seoraksan National Park, Gangwon Province, South Korea

It is surrounded by waterfalls, mysterious temples, suitable for visitors to walk the experience and explore nature in the park.

10. Central Park, New York, USA

Since its inception in 1857, the park has become a popular destination in the world.


Central Park, New York, USA

Nestled between the skyscrapers of New York, this place attracts tourists not only due to its golden leaf walkways, colorful trees, cool air,… but also because of the peaceful corners that are totally separated from the bustle of the city. This place is also chosen to be the scene for many movies.

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