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10 attractive destinations not to be missed while traveling to Phnom Penh (part 2)

Let’s continue our list of top 10 places shouldn’t be ignored when visiting Phnom Penh, Cambodia, that we paused with the first 4 destinations in the PREVIOUS part!

5. Choeung Ek dead field

Located 14.5 km from Phnom Penh and only 30 minutes by car, Choeung Ek dead field is Cambodia’s most popular tourist destination. This is the most obvious place of the genocide of the Pol Pot regime happening in the 1970s.

10-attractive-destinations-not-to-be-missed-while-traveling-to-Phnom-Penh-(part 2)1

Choeung Ek dead field

According to Cambodian history, more than 20,000 people were killed by the Khmer Rouge in Choeung Ek, but only about 8885 bodies were found. The remaining victims are just a myriad of fragments of skulls, broken pieces of bones,…

Currently, in the center of the dead field, a memorial tower was built for the purpose of commemorating the victims. This memorial tower contains over 8,000 skulls of the victims.

However, this place somehow is just suitable for the curious travelers who want to discover new things, therefore, if you go with your family, especially, with kids, this place may be a little scary and creepy.

6. Wat Phnom

Legend has it that the birth of Wat Phnom was associated with the beginning of Phnom Penh. Local residents say that in 1373, after a massive flood, a wealthy woman named Daun Penh happened to find four Buddha statues in a driftwood on the Mekong. With devotion, Ms. Penh paid rent to fill the artificial hill and built the temple on it to worship four statues.

10-attractive-destinations-not-to-be-missed-while-traveling-to-Phnom-Penh-(part 2)2

Wat Phnom

This is one of the most sacred places for both locals and visitors when traveling to Phnom Penh, they often come to the temple to pray, ask for the fortune in life and business,…

7. Royal Palace of Cambodia

One of the attractions that visitors can not miss when visiting Phnom Penh, that’s the Royal Palace of Cambodia. This palace was built after King Norodom moves the capital from Oudong to Phnom Penh.

10-attractive-destinations-not-to-be-missed-while-traveling-to-Phnom-Penh-(part 2)3

Royal Palace of Cambodia

Royal Palace of Cambodia is a complex of buildings, is the place used for the residence of the King and the royal family. This is also the place where important ceremonies and diplomatic ceremonies take place.

Opening hours are 8am – 11am and 2pm – 5pm.

8. Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

Tuol Sleng Museum is a museum showing the genocide of the Khmer Rouge during 1975-1979. Tuol Sleng was originally a school, but the Khmer Rouge used the wire to encroach the area, turning the classrooms became the cells and turned this place into Cambodia’s most horrible prison.

10-attractive-destinations-not-to-be-missed-while-traveling-to-Phnom-Penh-(part 2)4

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

Museum the four years of the Khmer Rouge ruling, this place is where approximately 17,000 people were detained, only a few survived.

9. Sisowath Quay

Situated along the banks of Tonle Sap River, Sisowath Quay is known as the new Western zone in Phnom Penh (to distinguish it from the old Boeng Kak Lake zone).

10-attractive-destinations-not-to-be-missed-while-traveling-to-Phnom-Penh-(part 2)5

Sisowath Quay

As one of the exciting entertainment venues in Phnom Penh, Sisowath Quay is always busy with lively restaurants, cafes and bars. This is also the ideal place to watch boat races during New Year’s festivities in Cambodia.

10. Phsar Thmei (Central Market)

10-attractive-destinations-not-to-be-missed-while-traveling-to-Phnom-Penh-(part 2)6

Phsar Thmei (Central Market)

The market has a unique architecture with arched roofs built in 1937, designed by French architect Louis Chauchon. When coming here, visitors can find all kinds of goods such as jewelry, clothing, fabrics, shoes, souvenirs,…

The market is open from 7:00 AM – 05:00 PM.


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