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10 ancient capitals in Asia attracted visitors (part 1)

There’s no country that doesn’t have a capital which keeps and saves all the important events of the country. The more ancient the capital is, the more stories they keep, the more interesting it’ll be for the travelers who have a discovering passion.

Therefore, today, I’ll tell you about the 10 most ancient capitals around the world. Trust me! It’ll be one of the best journeys in your traveling life.

1. Persepolis ancient capital (515 – 331 BCE) in Iran

Persepolis is the ritual capital of Persian Empire, under the Achaemenes, exists in about 690 – 328 BCE. This dynasty is also known by the name the Achaemenid. Nowadays, Persepolis is about 70km from the Northeast of Shiraz city, Fars province. Persepolis has a lot of magnificent works, and especially there is a sophisticated sculpture masterpiece made from stone and Apadana palace. This great work was built in 515 BCE with 460m long, and 300m wide.

10-ancient-capitals-in-Asia-attracted-visitors-(part 1)1

Persepolis ancient capital in Iran

The greatest capital now just remains the big rock columns challenging the destruction of time, the walls sculptured with lively patterns showing to tourists the talent of ancient Persian craftsmen. In addition to visiting the ancient architecture in Persepolis, visitors can also learn about the culture through rituals and festivals here which are held by locals annually.

2. Kyoto ancient capital (794-1868) in Japan

Kyoto has served as the capital of the country of Sunrise since 794 and was still in its position until 1868 before the King of Meiji moved the city to Tokyo.

10-ancient-capitals-in-Asia-attracted-visitors-(part 1)2

Kyoto ancient capital in Japan

After the World War 2, temples from hundreds of years ago in Kyoto still stand, the Royal Palace, Royal Gardens,… are also not destroyed. This is a city attracting foreign tourists who want to learn Japanese ancient culture.

3. Angkor Thom ancient capital (802 – 1431) in Cambodia

Angkor Thom means “The great city”, built by King Jayavarvan VII after the wonder Angkor Wat nearly 100 years. Angkor Thom is surrounded by stone walls and canals 3km  long each side, it is also the last capital of the Angkor Empire.

10-ancient-capitals-in-Asia-attracted-visitors-(part 1)3

Angkor Thom ancient capital in Cambodia

About a thousand years flowing by, and the structures of Angkor were devastated by war and nature. However, the Angkor Thom ancient capital, with the mysterious Bayon statues still always attract tourists to come and learn, discover cultural and historical traits of Cambodia.

4. Polonnaruwa ancient capital (1055 – 1284) in Sri Lanka

Polonnaruwa is an ancient capital and also considered as a Center of Triangle culture of Sri Lanka (including 3 ancient cities: Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Anuradhapura). When King Parakramabahu I of the Sihalese overthrows Chola dynasty in 1070, he turned Polonnaruwa into the capital of the country and starts developing this city. He started to build temples, giant palaces, parks, lotus lake and dug a reservoir 2.400ha wide that still exists up to now.

10-ancient-capitals-in-Asia-attracted-visitors-(part 1)4

Polonnaruwa ancient capital (1055 – 1284) in Sri Lanka

When Nissanka Malla succeeds to the throne, he’s even more generous in building Polonnaruwa. Because there are many giant stone Buddha statues describing the life of the Great Buddha. Someone even says that Buddha appeared in Sri Lanka 2000 years ago and he came here 3 times for the rest of his life.

5. Yogyakarta ancient capital (1946 – 1948) in Indonesia

Yogyakarta is a province of the country having thousands of islands, Indonesia. years on the Island Java, Yogyakarta served as the capital of the country ten thousand Islands in the Indonesian revolutionary period (1945-1949).

10-ancient-capitals-in-Asia-attracted-visitors-(part 1)5

Yogyakarta ancient capital (1946 – 1948) in Indonesia

Today, Yogyakarta is seen as cultural Center of Java traditional art. Yogyakarta today renowned for these property attractions attractive as of wonders Buddhist Borobudur, water castle Taman Sari, art batik always captivated tourists around the world.

And those are the half of the list of ancient capitals that I want to introduce for you in this article, to get to know about other interesting ancient capitals, follow me to the NEXT part!

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